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Roman catholic archdiocese of buenos aires santisima trinidad was an alternative title in the early 20th century. Hagamos al ser humano a nuestra imagen, como semejanza nuestra gn 1, 26. Santisima trinidad meaning most holy trinity in spanish may refer to. The santisima trinidad was built in havana and launched on 2nd march 1769. After taking part in the naval campaigns of the late 18th and early 19th century, it last saw active service at the battle of trafalgar, under the ensign of rear admiral cisneros, where it was dismasted by the english fleet. Santisima trinidad official build diary stages 110.

The collection also includes the construction of a santisima trinidad crosssection the crosssection features waterjet cut wooden parts and a variety of hardwoods. It was the biggest warship of the 18th century, with guns. For more than 20 years following her launch at havana in 1769, the 5,000ton spanish firstrate ship of the line, santisima trinidad, most holy trinity was the largest vessel afloat. Dios hijopor quien son todas las cosas es enviado por dios padre, es nuestro salvador. Ara santisima trinidad d2, a type 42 destroyer in service with the argentine navy 19811989. In many ways more interesting than the full hulled model, the cross section takes less time to build and less space to display. Santisima trinidad cross section occre model ship kit. Ship model santisima trinidad, historic wooden static kit. Santisima trinidad wood model kit by occre occre wood model ship kits built in havana in 1769, santisima trinidad carried 120 guns on three decks. Construccion del navio santisima trinidad paso a paso 1. Perfiles del navio santisima trinidad todo a babor.

Right dows thoose, on the left side there are a couple of pictures, including some modern plans, here the is the best one in my opinion. Here is a spanish website with information and data about the santisima trinidad, if you can read it. Inicio colegio santisima trinidad collado villalba. She was built and launched in havana in 1769, and was considerably larger than her british contemporary hms victory.

Vincent in 1799, she was rebuilt with the addition of a fourth deck and the number of cannon increased to 6, making her the largest ship of her time. When her 112gun armament was increased to 6 guns, and later to 140, the santisima trinidad became the most heavily armed ship of the age of sail. But the guns on that upper deck and on the forecastle and quarterdeck before they were joined were only 8 pounders, so the fact that the model would not have the full original 112 guns is not that much of a problem. As originally built, santisima trinidad did not have the full fourth gun deck that was created in 1795 when the forecastle and quarterdeck were joined to form that deck.

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