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The grudge 2002 cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Here you will find unforgettable moments, scenes and. With noriko sakai, chiharu niiyama, kei horie, yui ichikawa. Dec 12, 2010 originally for nintendo wii emulated for pc with dolphin emulator its best japanese horror game ever check my channel for more scary moments. Of course, the story is not the most original with haunted houses and vengeful spirits, but i found this film to be pretty good. Kayako, a woman brutally murdered by her husband and her son toshio. Grudge 3 which is the scariest and best one in order. However, shimizu has stayed true to the anachronistic, episodic narrative form which has. Juon the grudge scary moments funny montage youtube.

Jump scares in the grudge 2004 see below for the exact times and descriptions of the 23 jump scares in the grudge, which has a jump scare rating of 4. In which order should i watch the grudge franchise. Numerous jump scares throughout however none stand out as being particularly scary. Juon the grudge scary moments funny montage by pewdiepie. Sometimes he looks normal, but most times hes done up like a ghost. However, taken on its own unreasonable terms it contains plenty of what every good. The acting was fine, the music was great, the editing was excellent, and the story is captivating, although the storytelling does get confusing at times. Eventually, nishinas investigation leads to the strange story of izumi toyama misa uehara, a former detective who handled the case of a man who had murdered his wife in the infamous house.

Originally for nintendo wii emulated for pc with dolphin emulator its best japanese horror game ever check my channel for more scary moments. Watch the grudge full movie watch the grudge full movie online watch the grudge full movie hd 1080p. Nothing more than a collection of six interrelated episodes, it isnt scary but only shocking in bits n pieces. This film continues the story of the curse that was. With a scary asian movie when the audience comes out of a theater, all that matters is whether its scary. As their curse spreads on all around, the ghosts find their chance to live once again through the pregnancy of a cursed woman. In japan, when the volunteer social assistant rika nishina is assigned to visit a family, she is cursed and chased by two revengeful fiends. The movie isnt particularly scary, but the introduction to the grudge house from the perspective of the four kids is a lot of fun and reminded me of something out of a batman comic. The grudge 2 67 movie clip creepy counseling 2006 hd. When a person is killed in a violent way, his or her death generates a curse that will stay in the place where the crime took place. And there are several moments of quietly effectiveness creepiness.

The movie isnt especially scary but is more of a thriller. Oct 31, 2004 juon original as i can say is one of the most scariest movie i ever watched. Takashi shimizu a mysterious and vengeful spirit marks and pursues anybody who dares enter the house in which it. Here are three reasons why the original takes the spot as the scariest grudge film. Both of the films have the same storyline, scary elements and ghosts that try to kill the protagonist. This scene is from the movie the grudge my favourite horror movie. The grudge 2 is what ive learned the fourth film in the series. Not very scary, mind, but a lot of fun for fans of either or both franchise. Juon, during a first viewing, can seem a bit puzzling as to what is precisely going on. The grudge for wii is a haunted house simulator where accessibility and instant scares are given priority over all other game aspects, the title is inspired by the japanese classic horror movie, juon, on which the american release of the hit horror film the grudge was based upon. Scary movie 3 the tvs leaking hd anna faris, regina hall 2003 duration.

The grudge is missing a lot of what an american audience expects from a horror film. The new grudge movie is directly connected to both. Its an iconic film for a reason, and delivers some genuinely frightening moments. Juon and the grudge are both very scary, in my opinion. In the beginning of the film, there is an explanation in this regard.

This film has creepy and disturbing imagery, some blood and violence. Which is the best and scariest grudge movie in order. Watched the first one, wasnt amazed and skipped right to this one. It is essential to watch this before going on to the more famous the grudge. I have no idea which movie comes first or last in the timeline. A mysterious and vengeful spirit marks and pursues anybody who dares enter the house in which it resides.

Oct 20, 2016 the grudge the crawling scene 2004 vintage throwback classics. The grudge is an american horror film series released by sony pictures, based on, and a part of the larger japanese juon franchise. The curse, juon, also known as simply juon, is a 2000 japanese vcinema supernatural horror film and the first installment in the juon franchise, following two short films. The film was directed by takashi shimizu and starring sarah michelle gellar and jason behr. When the grudge which is a remake of an earlier japanese tv production focuses on the scary stuff, theres no shortage of fun to be found. The movieclips channel is the largest collection of licensed movie clips on the web. Nonsensical and not at all scary, i dread to think how crap the remake is. The franchise began in 1998 with the release of the short films katasumi and 4444444444. The grudge and follows a similar storyline to the japanese film. Search, discover and share your favorite the grudge gifs. Juon scariest scenes this is the original japanese version ju on the. The movie is then about all the people who come to the house. The film was produced and cowritten by takashige ichise and directed and cowritten by masayuki ochiai.

Toshio saeki all scary appearances and complete jump scare moments in all grudge films till 2018 with highquality clips so hopefully. The other problem juon contends with is the unshakeable air of staleness and familiarity about it that seems to be becoming par for the course in asian horror movies these days. Unlike horror movies where youre stuck watching some hapless victim. The grudge is listed as a remake, but its more like a continuation of the first two films just with some new cast members so dont worry if you have not seen juon. The grudge follows several characters that are connected through a haunted house. She then sees the dead cat and son in a closet, a ghost appears over the old woman the caretaker disappears. An american nurse living and working in tokyo is exposed to a mysterious supernatural curse, one that locks a person in a powerful rage before claiming their life and spreading to another victim. In addition to fearing that she may be the houses next victim, nishina is worried that the spirit is determined to leave its confines and murder izumi. Its definitely a scary movie, whether youre a fan of tensionfilled scares or jumpout scares. In 2004, sony pictures entertainment released an american remake of the film. The sequel, the grudge 2, is not a remake and follows a unique storyline, albeit still borrowing some plot elements from several japanese. Though i personally find ringu the ring to be an overall better movie, this film keeps the spinechill factor at a constant high, in comparison to the rings juon, during a first viewing, can seem a bit puzzling as to what is precisely going on. Juon the grudge scary moments funny montage metacafe affiliate u subscribe unsubscribe 2 127.

This movie has some scary moments but it has a lack of continuity and constant shift between characters. Ever since ringu and its american remake the ring broke into the western popculture consciousness a couple of years back, just about every asian horror movie ive. But the one that takes the spot as the scariest grudge film would be juon. This new grudge movie is directly connected to both the japanese juon film series and the american grudge movies, which director nicolas pesce is. The 100 scariest movie moments part iii 5031 video. To be honest this movie was originally gonna get 3 stars but this became the first movie i. Not without its scary and iconic moments, but the original version of the grudge, the third film in a series of four, is essentially just a creepypasta and not even the best creepypasta out.

The grudge 2 27 movie clip chased in the hospital 2006 hd duration. The grudge is a 2002 japanese horror film written and directed by takashi shimizu. The grudge is a very scary horror movie, based on a japanese legend. It stars megumi okina, misaki ito, takashi matsuyama, and yui ichikawa. The main plot of the film followed rikas experience within the house but with a different ending. Shimizu attended the film school of tokyo, where he studied under kiyoshi kurosawa. I tell my own scary story in this one 14 horror stories animated reaction duration. Curse grudge, also known as the grudge is a japaneseamerican horror franchise created by takashi shimizu. Kurosawa helped shimizu shepherd the juon projects to fruition. The film was written and directed by takashi shimizu and is divided. Written and directed by nicolas pesce, the grudge was originally intended as a reboot of the namesake series which began in 2004 with a remake of the 2002 japanese horror picture juon, and inspired a brief series of two sequels before petering out in 2009. The grudge is an eerie yet utterly baffling horror that presents itself as an enigma, is told in nonchronological order, and keeps its audience clueless from beginning to end.

The grudge 2, writer and director takashi shimizu achieved something quite unique with his decision to make what is essentially a metafilm, a film within a film, or a movie about movies, depending which approach you prefer. Watch juon the grudge scary moments funny montage hitbox on dailymotion. With megumi okina, misaki ito, misa uehara, yui ichikawa. Juon is a scary movie that brilliantly blends many horror elements together. See more ideas about the grudge, scary movies and horror movies. The grudge distributed by sony pictures and screen gems entertainment, 94 minutes, rated r, released january 03, 2020.

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